• Tool for semi-automated coding of open questions.
  • Tool is highly efficient in coding of data processed in SPSS.
  • Extremely practical and efficient in coding brands, especially during continuous projects.

  • Ask for the test version. We provide sufficient time for testing.
  • We are ready to demonstrate the test version at the workshop, where we show the settings on your real data.
  • The future is in the CAWI method of questioning, where spontaneous awareness is entering by the text strings.
  • Save your time with coding using our tool oCoder and be efficient in the future.

Compared to the standard way of coding this tool has positive impact on folowing important areas:

  • Eliminates work compared to a standard preparation of coding and importing codes into the data.
  • Certain part of text strings is coded automatically and that’s why the costs of manual coding are reduced.
  • Saving the work of coders and analysts is up to 75 %.
  • Enables coding in the running of data collection and does not wait til the end of the field.
  • Automated coding speeds up the whole process (no long waiting for coders).
  • Time saving more than 80 % at the coding of brands.
  • Coding of brands may be reduced to a few minutes in later waves of continuous researches.
  • Significantly reduces the error rate that occurs during manual coding.
  • The error rate drops to orders of tenths of a percent during coding of brands.